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Simply Delightful Events by Kay

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There will be a 22% service fee charge added to all packages.

A union that bespeaks untainted love deserves a magnificent celebration

Planning for your sweet baby days while bidding adieu to rocking night outs

Socially awkward need grander parties to enjoy every minute.

While the union happens in heaven,celebrations take place on the earth.

Blow the candles, tinkle the glass; it’s your birthday at last.

Before you say ‘I do,’ why not take some time to enjoy with your crew?

Grow your business with endless networking and connections

Love is the binding force that requires constant celebrations.

Believe in the power of celebration; let us look after your entertainment.

When the surroundings are formal, celebrations can be fun and lively

When done correctly, striking decor can change the outlook of a place

Be courageous, be bold. Party your heart out before the next phase of life unfolds